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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Revolution in the Middle East

I've been watching and reading the reports of the events in Egypt following those in Tunisia. Most of the media seem to interpret it as a cry from the "people" for democracy, and I hope this is so and they get what they seek.
However, I'm old enough to remember the revolution in Persia, aka Iran, and the eviction of the Shah from the "Peacock Throne". At the time there was similar rejoicing, particularly amongst the  anti-monarchists, but over the years it has become apparent that the change was hardly for the better with the country now controlled by self-appointed religious zealots who can veto any candidates for the so-called "free" elections.
To the extremist Muslims, Egypt has become an evil place over the years with its western style ambitions and freedom. This evil is compounded by the fact that Egypt has reached an accomodation with Israel.

We need to be very concerned that, in both Tunisia and Egypt, the extreme Islamists don't get control and we end up with another Iran just the width of the Mediterranean away from the EU.

Beware of celebrating too soon!

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