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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Put on the Sun-block and take Vitamin D!

The number of cases of rickets reported is on the increase and it has been known for a many years that is is caused by vitamin D deficiency.
Vitamin D is produced naturally within the human body by the action of action of sunlight, or other ultra violet light on the skin.
Last week, it was reported that a case had occurred in a child living on the Isle of Wight, one of the sunnier places in England. Doctors initially failed to recognise it as one imagines that they thought it inconceivable that one would get it in such a location, but it turned out that the mother had heeded all the exhortations from government, weather forecasters, schools and general know-alls. She had smothered her child with sun block cream the moment the sun peeped out from behind the clouds for fear of all the nasty things that might happen if sunlight reached her child's skin.
Today, the BBC reported that some medical spokesman (I'm not sure from where) was advocating that all children under ten should take daily doses of vitamin D.
A nice little earner for the pharmaceutical industry; sell the public your sun-block creams, and then to counteract their side effects, sell them vitamin D.
Its not sun-block that these people need to apply, its a very large dose of  Common Sense, which, these days seems to be totally lacking . Unfortunately you can't buy this in tablet form from Boots!

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