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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

More Busybodies and Jobsworths!

The government has announced that it is to set a minimum price for alcohol to discourage binge drinking.
Sounds a great idea, but like most great sounding ideas is unlikely to work as the only persons affected are likely to be those who by cheap booze from supermarkets, whom I suspect are a minority of those causing problems. It is certainly not going to affect any of those drinking in our local spirits bar whose vomit is spread around the pavements outside each Friday and Saturday night, any more than the stupid notices hung from all the lamp posts in the area saying "The Council will not tolerate any drunkenness or disorder on the streets of Xxxxx".
But of course, it will need lots of jobsworths to enforce the rules and no doubt detailed record keeping by all the companies who sell alcohol. And even if the minimum price being set is later increased (as hinted at in today's Telegraph), how long will it be before some businesses start to look for a way round it. I can envisage signs at Tesco (or any of the other supermarkets) saying "Free bag of crisps with each can of lager" or "Free ready meal for two with each bottle of wine costing over £10".
If people want to drink, they will do so whether they can afford it or not and all this latest scheme will do is to create more non-jobs.
Far better to throw the drunks in a cell for the night with the equivalent of the old ten bob fine from the beak in the morning.

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  1. Let the idiots drink themselves to death. Just don't treat them on the NHS. Ergo divert their spending into medical care or die. Simples.