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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Denmark saves money by tightening up on Immigration

The favourite mantra of the left that immigrants help to boost the economy has been shown to be incorrect in the case of Denmark.
A Danish Government report shows that immigrants and descendants from non-western countries as costing Danish society 15.7 billion. (1.87 billion sterling) per year, while immigrants and descendants from Western countries contributing to the exchequer by 2.2 billion. DKK.
See here.
And remember that the population of Denmark is only 5.5 Million, about one eleventh of that of Great Britain. Think of the savings that we could make!

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  1. Go and hand yourself in at the nearest Police Station, immediately. Publishing facts like those is racist. Even if they are true.

    Actually, especially if they are true.

    See the "You Can Only Say Something If We Agree With It Act 1997".