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Thursday, 14 April 2011


So now we  clearly know where the LibDems stand on immigration.
According to the BBC,
'Vince Cable has criticised David Cameron over his promise to cut immigration to "tens of thousands" of people a year.
The Lib Dem business secretary said the prime minister had been "very unwise" and that such a target was Conservative - not coalition government - policy.'
So it is now very clear, Cutting emigration is not LibDem policy.

If the people of this country foolishly decide to adopt AV in the forthcoming referendum, with statements like this, there is only one party that will be the winner, the BNP!


  1. When anyone wishes to change anything, whether it be nappies or voting systems, the prophesied result is that the change will benefit the BNP.

    What I would like to see published, in words of possibly two syllables or less, are the mathematical statistics which 'prove' that a Party which has difficulty in paying its printers' bills will suddenly rise to power because of a change in voting practices.

    Got to be frank, the knee-jerk reaction of waving the 'BNP' flag at every opportunity serves only one purpose, giving more publicity to that daft little organistation!

  2. Actually, I'll concede that I used hyperbole. However, UKIP is encouraging its members to vote for AV as it believes that it would improve it's chances, and judging by the result of the Burnley by-election are probably right.

    And I do believe that in many traditional Labour areas, BNP could collect the second choice votes of many Labour voters and they could also collect the Tory second preferences as neither will vote for the other! I don't think the LibDems will pick up as many as they hope, particularly after Cables' remarks.