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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Opposition Priorities

John Redwood's brief blog today is worth reading.
Our country is still trying to work it's way out of the financial crisis, for which the last government, in part at least was responsible, we are at war in Afghanistan with our troops being killed almost on a daily basis, we are deeply involved in Libya, other middle-east countries are on the verge of war and local elections are pending, and the best that our Labour opposition can do is to complain about the political correctness of a catch-phrase from an insurance advertisement which Cameron used towards a female MP.

Personally, I prefer some of Churchill's "put-downs":
Bessie Braddock to Churchill (late one evening): "You're Drunk"
Churchill: "Yes, and you're fat and ugly. But in the morning, I'll be sober"
I can imagine the outrage if Cameron said something like that in this modern politically correct world.

The modern MP's are all wimps!

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  1. EP, How right you are about Churchill and times long passed.The present wunch of bankers that call themselves MP's,are nothing but a politically correct load of wimps.