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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Is there any point in Parliament?

According to the BBC, a Parliamentary Committee has decided that Ofsted has "got too big to function properly" and its responsibilities should be split up to separate its educational responsibilities from its child protection work. However Downing Street has announced that they have no plans to make any changes.

Now one of the areas where I believe MPs can contribute to this country is not by standing up in the House as part of a routine "Yah-boo" act, but by quietly contributing, largely behind the scenes, to parliamentary committees. Most members of these committees are usually MPs with particular knowledge of the subject covered by the committee. Their reports and conclusions are invariably well worth consideration, and invariably their findings are ignored by government.
This of course gives rise to the question, "Why should MPs bother? "  Why not just take an even longer break, there is no real purpose in them attending the House if their hard work is to be ignored..
Parliamentary committees should have more powers and the government of the day should be obliged to give full and proper consideration to their findings, and indeed, provide an explanation as to why they are not being adopted. We should have more parliamentary committees, one for each of the government departments, and they should have to vet and approve the departmental budgets.

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