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Friday, 20 May 2011

Charity Names

Most Charities tend to include in their name something that gives a clue to their activities, for eaxmple
"Help the Aged", "Save the Children", "Cancer Research", "RSPCA" and "RNLI"
Some are more obscure, such as "Relate", Barnados" and McMillan Nurses", but at least they don't give a false impression of their objectives.

Thus, if I formed a charity and called it, say, "Pensioners Help" would you conclude its objectives are
a. To Provide help to pensioners
b. To distribute help provided by pensioners?
Most people. I suspect, would choose the first option.

Yesterday, following my piece on Wednesday about "Foreign Aid and Charities", there was a knock on the door by a collector from "Christian Aid". Unthinkingly, Mrs EP gave a suitable donation, but then decided to try to find out what they actually did and how and where they were helping Christians. Were they helping, say, the Coptic Christians in Egypt who have had their churches destroyed by militant Muslims; Perhaps they were helping Christians who are under constant threat in Pakistan, or thrown in prison is Saudi Arabia for wearing a crucifix?
This, however is what I found
"Breaking the Silence"
Our work in Gaza
Here they seem to be supporting organisations helping those whose dedicated aim is to rid the world of the "Infidel", ie Christians.
Nothing anywhere on their site about actually helping Christians.
Now, I believe I an aware of might be considered to be my Christian duties to the poor and unfortunate, and I'm also aware of the need to "turn the other cheek", but supporting one's enemies to eliminate one's  chosen religion seems to be going to far.

 Please don't call next year, or you might get a very non-Christian response.


  1. Well said. A fake charity if ever there was one. BTW your link to "Our work in Gaza" doesn't work.

  2. Christian Aid along with Oxfam is also a great supporter of the myth of man-made global warming, adding to Western guilt. Oxfam certainly receives subsidy from the EU - not sure about Christian Aid.

    The Church of England is massively committed to the global warming myth and even has a campaign demanding "Climate Justice" for the Third World!