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Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Nasty Lib Dems

I don't know why people have insisted in referring to the Tories as the "Nasty Party", and even if it were true, it is clear that the LibDems have now taken over this role.
According to The Mail on Sunday, Lib Dem Lord Tony Greaves recently said
A lot of people in our party never liked Cameron,  He is seen as a toffee-nosed slimebag, which is what he is. That is being polite to the man.
Who made that man a Lord ?  He uses the language of the gutter which is where, in my view, he should be.
This, of course follows on some of Vince Cable's earlier remarks which were no more polite, such as
Some of us never had many illusions about the Conservatives, but they have emerged as ruthless, calculating and thoroughly tribal."

Nasty Tories?  If they ever were, that role has now been taken over by the LibDems without any shadow of doubt. Not only are the LibDems bad losers, having fought a dirty "Yes to AV" campaign which made totally implausible claims without a scintilla of evidence, they then result to name calling following their humiliation in both this and the local elections. In spite of all that, they now have the gall to suggest that Cameron should make some more concessions to them as a form of compensation for having lost the AV vote.

So as well as being the "Nasty, vicious LibDems", they are also suffering from acute delusions of grandeur!

The fact that the LibDems lost out so badly in both the elections and the AV vote should enable Cameron to take a far harder stance with them in Cabinet, and hopefully follow more Conservative policies.

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