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Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Rally Against Debt

Tomorrow (Saturday) there is to be a "The Rally Against Debt" in London.
It is unlikely to be reported on the BBC unless there is violence, as to the BBC, the Left Wing, and probably  many LibDems, debt reduction means cuts.
As far as all these trendy thinkers are concerned,  it is perfectly in order to get up to your eyebrows in debt in order to avoid cuts; they prefer to overlook the fact that if the we didn't have all this debt, the huge sums of money that the country is having to pay in terms of ever increasing interest, would all be available to spend elsewhere and there would be no need for cuts.
I would like to hear what the speakers have to say, but I doubt if it reported by the national broadcasters or major newspapers. Thank goodness for the web and the well informed boggers!

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