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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Why can't the American's keep their mouths shut?

I rejoice in the fact that the Americans have killed Bin Laden and I would like to think that Cranmer's view of his fate is correct.

In general, I like Americans, but they have one big failing, they talk too much!
Why on earth do the various spokespersons keep on talking and altering the story.
Surely a simple statement that
"Following information from various sources our forces raided a compound in Pakistan where bin Laden was living. During the raid, he was killed, and his body was removed for positive identification, following which it was buried at sea"
Whilst, I am aware that we all like to know more about such events, nothing more actually needed to be said,
Whether people believed he was dead is immaterial, as long as those responsible for fighting the "war against terrorism" were satisfied it was so.
As it is, the Americans re now getting themselves deeper into the mire, with conflicting statements:- he was armed. no he wasn't armed; his wife was a human shield, no she wasn't! What are the chances that, if he was unarmed, some anti-war liberals will be wanting legal action taken for murder or war crimes?

Could it be that the President is looking for kudos and hoping for an improvement in his poll ratings? If so I suspect he is failing in his objective, because the more that is said, the more chaotic his administration seems to be.
Can you imagine the Israelis giving details like this of any of their activities? Or even the French. America still has lots of lessons to learn.

An afterthought. I wonder if British Intelligence knew this was about to happen, and that this was the reason William & Kate didn't go abroad for a honeymoon?

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