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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Another Hospital "Targets" Death

Almost every day, the media reports on preventable hospital deaths, usually brought about by staff mismanagement and targets.
Today, it is Colchester General Hospital that is in the news. As a result of the need to meet targets, there was confusion over who was responsible for a particular male patient who was found dead in a toilet cubicle. But to make matters worse, his widow has had to fight for two years to bring the matter to an inquest.
Giving evidence at the inquest, Professor Roger Motson, then head of the clinical team treating him, blamed NHS targets for the confusion over who was accountable for the patient.

No, it is not targets which caused this death, they are merely an excuse, not the reason. The reason is the actions of those in charge who were trying to meet targets rather than meet the needs of the patients.

If this had been a mother who allowed her baby to die from lack of care at home, it would warrant a police investigation, so why not a police investigation into the death of a helpless patient due to neglect at a hospital?
See The Daily Telegraph

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