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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Italian Elections

The media report that
"We now have a country where the balance of power is held by a party headed by a comedian"

Until I read further, I thought that they were referring to this country and Nick Clegg !

But seriously, I can fully understand why they voted as they did. They are fed up with politicians whose personal and party interests come first with their country coming a distant second. Just as here, where the Labour and Tory parties pretend to be different, when in fact there is little to choose between them, so it is in Italy, where they invariably end up with a coalition whose main interest is in self-preservation.

Which of course brings one to the interesting speculation, if there was to be a party in this country run by a comedian, whom should it be?  I don't like any of the modern so-called comedians who confuse nastiness with humour, and my thoughts go back to Tony Hancock, or even further to people like Jimmy Edwards, Max Miller, Arthur Askey or Tommy Handley. However, after careful thought, I've decided that the best choice would be Ken Dodd, largely because none of the others are still with us.
So I look forward to a party led by Ken having as its symbol the famous "tickling stick" and being told "How tickled I am!" when we vote for him.

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  1. I love the idea of a ken Dodd party. My concern is that Boris might get in. He is most amusing and I enjoy listening to him but the thought of him really in charge is horrible.