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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Horsemeat is more important than Patients' Lives

The Horse Meat Environment Secretary Owen Paterson is due to meet food industry representatives for the second time in a week to discuss the horse meat crisis. Clearly a matter of serious concern, but as far as we know, no consumers' lives have been put at risk.

Meanwhile, there have been something like 1200 unnecessary deaths at Stafford Hospital and  another dozen Health Trusts are being investigated in a rather dilatory manner as it is believed that they, too, have death rates well above the statistical norm.

Can someone please explain why the Health Secretary hasn't held similar "summits" with the heads of the NHS Trusts concerned?  Why is there not the same public outrage about what is happening in the NHS as there is about the food industry?

I must admit personal concern as my local NHS trust is now one of those under investigation and frankly I'm not surprised. The husband of an acquaintance died in a local hospital last year following his having a fall and broken his leg. The death certificate recorded something like "Complications arising from surgery on a broken limb". The complication? According to his widow he caught MRSA in the hospital.

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