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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Unemployment Figures

According to the published figures, there are now 580,000 additional people in work compared to twelve months ago. The jobless total fell by 14,000 in the last three months for which we have figures, which if repeated in other quarters, means that the jobless fell by 56,000 in a year. Even if we assume that the figure was larger in the other quarters, I would suggest that a fall of 80,000 in a year would be generous in the extreme.
So where did the other 500,000 workers come from? They might be school or university leavers who had never been registered as jobless, but in broad terms, one would expect them to be matiched by retirements at the other end of the age spectrum. I can't imagine that they came from unemployed who were not registered as jobless and claiming benefits (do such people exist) or were women suddenly deciding to go out to work.
So where did the other 500,000 workers come from?
I'll let you have one guess!

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