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Saturday, 13 March 2010

A Corrupt Country

One gets very little encouragement concerning the future of this country from reading today's newspapers.
The main headline in the Daily Telegraph show how the figures have been fixed by Post Office workers to show that mail delivery times are meeting their targets when anyone who receives any significant amount of mail clearly realises that they are not! Management denies that they were involved in this fixing - but as their bonuses depend upon the "performance figures", they would, wouldn't they! This comes on top of an inflation busting pay and conditions award secured this week by the Unions.

Next comes their secondary headline; Baroness Uddin is to escape prosecution for naming a rarely used,  empty property in Maidstone as her main residence and claiming expenses for a property which any reasonable person, except the House of Lords authorities, would consider to be her main residence. These "authorities" which seem to be as corrupt as some of the "Lords", apparently consider that it is only necessary to visit a property once a month for it to qualify!

Moving inside the paper we discover that the "National Association of Muslim Police" received a grant of £90,000 in the last two years, whilst the "Christian Police Association" got a grant of only £15,000. Both have about 2000 members. As a Christian I resent the blatant discrimination against Christians, but as a taxpayer, I resent even more that either group should receive any public money whatsoever.

Further on their is a piece about yet another victim being made into a criminal by our "Human Rights" obsessed police force service. Yet another businessman, in this case a restaurant owner, was arrested and held in custody for five hours (and had his fingerprints and DNA taken) because he detained two teenagers whom he caught breaking into his beer cellar.

This is not the England in which I was born and brought up, it seems to be some alien country!

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