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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Destroying England

We have already heard how Labour decided to change the face of Britain by letting in an unlimited number of immigrants and calling them British. But most of us English have remained largely unmoved, and endeavoured to continue with our English way of life. One of the symbols of this was always fox-hunting , but although they tried hard, Labour have failed to stop this form of Englishness which goes back for centuries.
Another symbol is, of course, the English pub, and particularly the English country pub. Suddenly those who want to change the face of Britain have realised that they will never achieve this whilst the English Pub still exists. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the world except possibly in Ireland, and if they can get rid of this, it will be the end of Englishness.
The first prong of the attack was to introduce twenty-four drinking which has changed the face of many town pubs so that they are unrecognisable and wouldn't be frequented by any reasonable Englishman.
Next came the No Smoking ban. Now I'm a non-smoker, and didn't like smoky bars, but this was rarely a problem at my sort of pub. By and large the smokers were considerate and tried not to inconvenience others. However since the ban, a huge number of pubs have closed, simply because their customers started drinking at home.
Now we have the proposed reduction in the legal alcohol limits for driving. This will have a huge impact on pubs, particularly those in the country as the limit will be lower than the equivalent of a pint of beer. This lowering is totally illogical; it is said that it will save maybe 200 or so lives a year, a figure that is strongly disputed by many. If the government wants to save unnecessary deaths, perhaps it should look at the larger numbers first; it was claimed that last year there were over 25,000 totally unnecessary deaths within our NHS hospitals. So rather than try to reduce the hospital deaths by even 1% which would save more lives than the proposed new drink/driving proposals, they ignore this and go for the motorist.
As all these government actions are totally illogical, the only conclusion I can reach is that they are part of some greater plan to get rid of the English pub as we know it.


  1. The puritanical Scottish pair in Downing Street won't be happy until England is teetotal and completely miserable. I think pubs are important too, vitally important to many English communities.

  2. You're right about the pubs and fox hunting, but the assault on Englishness as such goes far deeper than our Scottish prime minister and his "Britishness" fixated Labour party. At the core of anti-Englishness is the EU, they know we hate them, they know given a chance and some politicians with guts, we'll leave. That makes it a priority to destroy us and all we believe in.