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Monday, 1 March 2010

Staff Reduction?

According to today's news, Councils are likely to have to carry out the worse staff cuts for a generation. It is estimated that a total of 25,000 people could loose their jobs.
It sounds horrendous until you think about it. This figure was calculated from a on a survey of 49 Councils with a total of 256,000 staff. There are 150 Councils, so it is reasonable to assume, if this is a random selection of 49 Councils, that there are something like 750,000 staff employed by councils overall.. This staff reduction is thus about one thirtieth of the total staff, hardly significant when you compare it with what has happened outside the public sector.  Indeed, unless all the staff serve for at least 30 years, this figure is the loss that would be exepcted due to normal retirement, so a simple non-recruitment policy would be adequate.
In my view, councils need to reduce staff by 10% or more (excepting teachers) and should reduce top management by even more!

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