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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Two items of encouraging news

Having felt quite depressed after I'd read the newspaper and had a rant about corruption, I felt that I should look for some encouraging news, and to my surprise I found a couple of items!

Firstly, the Vatican has told all Priests that their homilies should be "short, pithy and topical", and less than eight minutes in length. Whilst this does not affect me directly one might hope that the Archdruid of Canterbury might issue similar guidance. I was once told that a good sermon should have an interesting start, a rousing finish and as little as possible in between!

Secondly, we have a Judge showing some sense!!!!
We all remember the recent case of a burglar who was chased by his victim and assaulted which led to the victim ending up in prison and the burglar, Walid Salem, claiming that he had been left with brain damage.
 He is now pleading at Northampton Crown Court that he is unfit to stand trial by virtue of this brain damage, and it seems that no-one, except the Judge, has bothered to questioned whether the brain damage actually exists!
Judge Charles Wilde said that the Crown had far too easily accepted that Salem was brain damaged and that the matter had never been properly investigated. In the understatement of the year, he said that for "a case as serious as this, it is disappointing". He has postponed the hearing pending the investigation of the matter.

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