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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Teachers - Do they have any common sense?

Teachers these days seem to be obsessed with everything except teaching.
Earlier this week we had reports of a boy who was left to die of asthma in a school corridor because the teachers were unwilling to do anything until his mother arrived at the normal time to collect him (in spite of knowing he was an asthmatic and his elder brother urging them to do something). Today we have a report in the Daily Mail that a five year old boy who had climbed twenty feet up a tree was left there because staff followed guidelines and retreated inside the school building to ‘observe from a distance’ so the child would not get ‘distracted and fall’. He was rescued by a passer-by who was subsequently interviewed by the police for trespassing on school premises.

So it was better to risk a five year old falling twenty feet (equivalent to falling from an upstairs window in his home) and seriously injuring himself, than take the risk of doing anything! Frankly, if I had a child at the school I'd want to withdraw him immediately on health and safety grounds in that it would be unsafe to leave him in charge of a group of adults who are totally devoid of any common sense.

Perhaps the lady who was passing by should have dialled 999 and called the fire service to the rescue - at least it might have embarrassed someone at the school.

Everyone who comes near a child these days has to be vetted under the child protection act. From what I have read lately, it would seem that children are at far greater risk from stupid teachers obeying rules and regulations than they ever were from paedophiles!

No wonder more parents are considering educating children at home; at least they know they'll be safe.

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