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Friday, 23 November 2012

Donating to Charity

No, I'm not asking for money!

From the Telegraph
"Nick Hurd, the charities minister, said he gives one per cent of his £98,740-a-year salary to charity and "so much could be done with that money" if everyone did the same."

Why on earth do we need a charities minister? Are there any of our daily activities where there isn't a minister earning £98,740-a-year telling us what to do? What does he actually do, after all we have a Charities Commission, with a budget of over £32 million, overseeing our charities, why do we need a minister and, presumably, a whole gaggle of highly paid civil servants? Surely it would be better if we didn't and gave the money to charity instead.

But, looking at his suggested level of donations, on the surface this would seem appropriate,
The Government gives millions each year in foreign aid, which is effectively charity. A recent report suggested that this cost every family in Britain an average something over £500 each year, which as many families don't pay tax, implies that those who do, contribute considerably more.
Either way, this £500 is considerably more than 1% of my pension before tax, so it would seem that my compulsory charitable donation is more than the minister proposes. Can I have a refund please?

It is worth looking at the website Fake Charities. They define a fake charity as one that receives more than 10% of its income or more than £1million p.a. from taxpayer funded sources, and whether you agree with this definition or not, many well known charities do receive huge amounts from the government or its agencies. For example the RSPB received some £22.6 million from taxpayer funded sources, and whilst I've nothing against the RSPB, one wonders why the various government organisations feel that it is appropriate to give so much.

We have now decided that we will not be giving any donations to charities operating abroad, however noble their cause. Any donations that we can afford will be strictly limited to British Charities operating in this country, and then only after having checked their status on the above website.


  1. These fake charities, like ASH-who want to stop you smoking, Alcohol Concern-who want to stop you drinking, Brake -who want to restrict your driving and Stonewall-who campaign to promote homosexuality, all receive massive taxpayer funding. There are thousands of these fake charities who spend all their time lobbying and campaigning. Many of them appoint CEOs on large salaries - again funded by you, the taxpayer. Meanwhile, real charities like RNLI and Air Ambulance who do real charitable work have to stand on street corners shaking cans at the passing public and holding jumble sales etc.

    All Government funding to fake charities should be withdrawn and let the fake charities survive like real charities have to. Then we will see how worthy the public think they really are.

  2. I was staggered to discover we had a Minister for Charities. Presumably he decides which of these fake charities get state money and how it can be disguised.