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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Women Bishops (again)

The DailyTelegraph reports that
"The Bishop of Sheffield has said the Church of England’s failure to allow women bishops has damaged its reputation and has led many to consider resigning from the Church"

Who does he mean will be considering "resigning from the Church"? Well, I'm a parishioner at our Parish Church, and if I should decide that I don't agree with the Church for some reason, I wouldn't "resign" as I don't hold any post from which I could resign. I would merely stop going to Church.

So presumably the Bishop is referring to the Clergy, and possibly people holding elected posts such as Church Wardens. If any  clergy find this democratic decision to hard to live with and decide to resign, frankly I don't think they will be any great loss to the Church.
Perhaps the picture below from the Daily Mail is why many congregations aren't so keen on women priests and possibly why the Bishops and Clergy are.
The Reverend Sally Hitchiner. posing in her church this week for this photograph. I'm not quite sure whether she is an argument for or against women bishops! Whilst I wouldn't mind meeting her in any role outside the Church, I certainly wouldn't attend our local Church for Parish Communion if she was our incumbent.

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