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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

What are they doing to our food?

 Mrs EP normally buys our bread from Sainsbury's, but the recent store made loaves have been very crumbly and virtually impossible to cut into thin slices for sandwiches, or to spread the slices with butter without them breaking up. Similarly, biscuits (of all makes) seem to now be quite crumbly and break up very easily.  Even Ginger Nuts, which used to be quite hard to break, are now little harder that any other biscuits and I no longer need to dip them into my coffee before taking a bite.. Biscuits also seem to have become rather tasteless unless they are chocolate coated or jam filled.
I've also noticed that the diameter of some biscuits has become slightly less, so that one gets less biscuit for one's money. I'm sure that the stated weight on the packet has been adjusted accordingly, but as few people read the weight and just take a packet off the supermarket shelf, this is irrelevant, I still feel that customers are being "taken for a ride"!

What is happening? I suspect that the crumbliness of bread and biscuits is possibly due to the manufacturers reducing the amount of fat in their products, probably under indirect pressure from the Health Lobby and in order not to get red "traffic lights" on their packets when the new labelling comes into force. The exceptions appear to be foreign produce. Mrs EP has discovered some very nice French made biscuits in Sainsbury's, they may be more expensive and as much as we try to avoid French produce, at least they have taste and don't break into bits at the slightest touch.
I'm waiting for the new food labelling to come in, I will then know that the best tasting products are probably those with all red "traffic lights" on the packets.

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