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Friday, 23 November 2012


This is the first in what could end up being a long series of posts!

A heading in the Telegraph reads:

"NHS radiographer who couldn't speak English finally struck off after six years"
"An NHS radiographer has been struck off after six years working at a leading cancer hospital because his English was so poor neither patients nor colleagues could understand him"

The radiographer was recruited from India as an experienced radiographer and started work in August 2005 although it would seem he could not communicate in English. He was apparently given lessons to help him improve (presumably at NHS expense), but to no avail. He also made numerous errors in carrying out his job, potentially endangering patients.
He was eventually suspended and dismissed following a hearing last August.

I don't blame the individual, he wanted a job and the Christie Hospital in Manchester.gave him one. But why on earth wasn't he fired within six months? How long does it take management to realise that they've recruited someone who has insufficient command of our language and is also incompetent at his job? Or is this yet another case of people not doing anything for fear of the race relations legislation?
A hospital statement said:
"We are satisfied that our systems and processes have enabled us to identify this problem and deal with it appropriately.
The "systems and processes" took six years to identify and deal with the situation!
Six years!  If I were on the hospital's management board it wouldn't only be the radiographer who was fired, but also a large part of the hospital's recruitment and personnel department

The report added that the radiographer "said he had now retired and was not looking for work." Retired here in Britain, no doubt, along with all the associated benefits.

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