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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Scottish Independence

There are a number of reasons why I, as an Englishman, favour Scottish independence and today figures released by the Treasury give me yet one more.
The Daily Telegraph reports that "Scots received £1,600 more per head in state spending last year than their neighbours in England" according to Treasury figures.
It also shows that Government cuts are hitting less hard in Scotland than in England falling from an average of £10,088 per person in Scotland – a fall of £117 from 2010 – caompared with a fall of £224 to £8,491 in England.
Of course, Salmond claims that this is only fair as Scotland produces more revenue per person that England and so deserves the extra funds. However his figures would appear to include oil revenue which comes from wells in what would be English, not Scottish, territorial waters under international law.
When it comes to the crunch in two years time, I still believe that Scots will vote to remain in the Union; as my Edinburgh born son-in-law says "My instinct is to support Scottish Imdependence, but my common sense tells me otherwise". I suspect a majority of Scots will think likewise, however attractive the concept of independence seems to be at first sight.
If Salmond wants to ensure victory, he should insist that the English are given a vote on the issue!

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