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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Comedians - You're Joking!

Yesterday evening Mrs EP and myself went to a charity event organised by some student friends of ours in aid of a very well known charity, which I won't name to save them embarrassment.
The entertainment was a number of "Up and Coming Stand-Up Comedians", and frankly, if they are up and coming, I'm glad that I'm down and going!

The main "humour" from all these "comedians" appeared to be sex-related, and none seemed to be able to complete a sentence without including a swearword or two. The worse was a female comedienne who seemed to think that discussing her vagina and other body parts was a matter for laughter; maybe it is to the youngsters, although I didn't see many of them laughing.

About half the seats were empty, although I was assured (and believe) that all the tickets had been sold. I just assume that there were many who were far more knowledgeable than ourselves about such events and saw the price of the ticket as a contribution to the charity and left it at that.

There was just one joke that I appreciated
"The main reason for the huge national debt is that Gordon Brown borrowed £100 from when he first became Chancellor and forgot to pay it back".
But it went over the heads of anyone under 60 who clearly wouldn't understand the dangers of compound interest.

Oh well! We'll know better next time!

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