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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Why the Feminists hated Margaret Thatcher

The feminists of this world, led by the arch-feminist Glenda Jackson, hated Margaret Thatcher simply because she achieved great heights without being a feminist. This in their books is one of the most heinous crimes that a woman can commit.

She achieved what she did entirely by herself, on the basis of her own abilities. When she was selected as the parliamentary candidate for Finchley, she was selected on merit, not on the basis of an all female shortlist. When she was appointed as a Secretary of State in the Heath government, it wasn't because of the need for a quota of females in the cabinet, it was because Heath and his advisers considered her to be the best Conservative MP to fill the post. In due course when she was elected party leader in a free election by the other Tory MPs, again it was because she was considered to be the best candidate.

And this is what really rankles with the feminists; unlike most of them, she broke through the glass ceiling with a resounding bang without any assistance and entirely on her own merit. They absolutely hate such people because they remove all justification for females to need preferential treatment.

Was this Thatcher ‘a woman?’ asks Miss Jackson, in her deep masculine voice. ‘Not on my terms!

Well I've no idea what her terms might be, but every time I see a photograph of Miss Jackson, I have to look twice to make sure it is of a female! Life for us men wouldn't be worth living if she were the typical woman rather than Mrs Thatcher.

Who is the woman on your terms?
Margaret Thatcher
Feminine looks, carefully coiffured,  smart but feminine business suit and a smile

Glenda Jackson
Porcine looks, hair cut with a pair of garden shears and reject clothes from the local charity shop.

They hated her simply because she was all the things that they were not and had achieved things that they could not. They behave like spoilt children because of it.


  1. great post and absolutely right and I never voted for her

  2. Jackson looks like she had a pint of vinegar, two lemons and a bag of wasps for breakfast. Acts like it, too.