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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Labour - The Real "Nasty" Party

The left would like to brand the Tories as the "Nasty Party", but looking at the behaviour of the Labour Party and large numbers of their supporters since the death of Baroness Thatcher, there is now no doubt in my mind that the real nastiness lies on the left of the political spectrum.
Looking at the special sitting of Parliament today, we see that the Labour benches are half empty with many of their MPs trying to make political capital out of events that took place some twenty-five years ago, events of which many will have very little real personal knowledge. We have also seen the left-wing scum in the streets of both Brixton and Glasgow "celebrating" the death of Baroness Thatcher, which whilst not unexpected, just shows the mindset of the left.

What these blinkered protesters refuse to accept it that what happened under the Thatcher governments was inevitable. Britain's coal mines, steel and car industries were in steady decline, partly from lack of investment by numerous previous governments and partly due to the intransigence of the Trade Unions. The death of these industries was going to happen whoever was in power, the Thatcher government merely administered a rapid coup de grĂ¢ce. The problem for the Trade Unions was that once these industries had gone, with them would go a large part of their power base, The control that the TUC had had over British politics since the war, regardless of the party in power, would come to an end.

But, nevertheless, these blinkered minds are still prepared to carry on with their class was, even now that their "hate figure" has died, and I have no doubt will continue to indoctrinate generations to come. Yet I wonder, just how many of these protesters would actually be prepared to go down a coal mine with the inherent risks of injury or death and a short life expectation due to lung disease? One could logically claim that many thousands of potential miners have been saved from that fate and that this should be the real cause for celebration.

But as I observed at the start, the events this week have shown us the real nastiness of our left wing, a phenomenon I don't believe that one ever sees on the right of the political spectrum, and certainly not in the Conservative party. Yes, Labour and its sick supporters have now truly earned the title of "The Nasty Party"
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I would like to go to London next week and see the funeral procession, but at my age I feel that fighting both the public transport system and the crowds would be too much. My eldest daughter will be there however, either as a bellringer at St Paul's if the bells are to be rung, or on duty as a Special with the Met. She will have to provide me with a full report.

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