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Friday, 12 April 2013

Should these people be allowed to teach?

The Daily Mail yesterday revealed the names of two of the organisers of  the "Thatcher Death Parties". What I find disturbing about the Mail's revelations is that both of the people concerned are teachers who work with special needs or vulnerable children.

The Mail reported that:
Romany Blythe, 45, who helps troubled children at schools in Brighton, has created an internet page called: ‘The witch is dead' and encouraged thousands to 'p***' on the Iron Lady's grave.

It also noted that:
Craig Parr, a 27-year-old special needs teacher and union activist, was employed at Labour leader Ed Miliband’s old school and has worked with the youngest and most impressionable pupils there, The teacher was pictured parading with a sick placard which read: ‘Rejoice. Thatcher is dead.’

It is strange that it is only those on the left of politics who seem to bear this long term vile hatred against those of differing political views. I've never heard of anyone to the right wishing that Blair or Brown were dead and wishing to celebrate the event, although many of us blame them for the mess the country is in today and place the real responsibility for the need for austerity firmly on their shoulders. This celebrating the death of an opponent, even one that has retired from politics many years ago is purely a left wing phenomenon..

However, to me, it is totally unacceptable that people who express these views and are involved in such activities should be employed as teachers and in particular as teachers working with vulnerable children who are easily impressed.

If, as a council decided recently, being a member of UKIP renders a person unfit to be a foster parent, surely the extreme, sick, left wing opinions and actions of these two must equally be valid reasons for banning them from the teaching profession.

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  1. "It is strange that it is only those on the left of politics who seem to bear this long term vile hatred against those of differing political views."

    I've thought for a while now that it is down to ideology.

    Not the Left's ideology in particular, but just about any fragile ideology that isn't flexible enough to face the reality that science and mathematics sooner or later pushes forward.

    So Maggie Thatcher, trained as a scientist and therefore rigorous in her approach to policies and continuous scrutiny of their effects, could really only be targeted by the Left with hatred and lies, hence the deliberately misleading calling her a witch etc.

    But fragile ideologies also feel threatened by breakaway splinter ideologies, which obviously have just as much basis in fact and reality (i.e. none). Plenty of hate to go around in such situations, for any who might undermine their strange imaginings.