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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Racist Language

Just a few lines this morning,
Following my previous post, I simply cannot believe that the law has fallen so low, as this report in the Telegraph,  under the headline, "Woman fined for 'racist' English insult" seems to indicate.

Apparently a Welsh woman has been made to pay compensation for using a racist slur against an English woman after calling her "an English cow" !  Has the country gone mad? Seemingly it is acceptable to call someone a "stupid cow"  or even a "f*****ing stupid cow", but a court has ruled that calling her an "English cow" is racist !

Among the trivia that I remember from my school days is the Latin phrase "de minimis non curat lex"  meaning that the law is not concerned about trivial matters. Apparently this no longer applies and the Law is bringing itself into disrepute by dealing with such trivia.

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