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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Bans - Day Seven - Final Day!

When I started upon the subject of Bans, I was quite convinced that I'd find a new one every day, or at a minimum someone wanting a new ban every day. It seems that I was wrong, or perhaps those people who like thinking of new bans haven't yet recovered from Christmas due to their having been doing the very things that they would like to stop the rest of us from doing - overindulging with food and drink (and possibly cigarettes). Perhaps next week they will recover, I propose to keep an eye on this situation where officials, do-gooders, crackpots and all the rest want to stop the English people from doing things that they've done for generations.
My total wasn't bad, three on day one and another couple the next day. A couple more on day three, although one was only a local council and the other from France, but unfortunately nothing on day four. One on day five, and on day six no banns as such but several new laws which are in fact bans on various activities.
Perhaps they all gave up for Sunday (or I suppose actually Saturday), but its not a bad haul for the week, certainly an average of one a day!

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