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Monday, 11 January 2010

Computer problems

I've been having computer problems lately. I know mine is old, but even so I can see no great advantage of lashing out on a new one.
I decided to fit an additional hard drive, but when I came to do so, I found that the spare slot had the cables to the front panel USB sockets and card reader fed via this slot blocking any possibility of installing a second drive. (Moral - never believe the manufacturer's specification!)
So I decided to bite the bullet and fit a larger drive, theoretically a simple exercise. The drive arrived on Christmas Eve in spite of the snow, thanks to e-Buyer and the man in the yellow van, and I resolved to sort out my computer immediately the Christmas festivities were over.
And that was where my troubles started, so at the moment I'm temporarily using a borrowed laptop (which has an awful keyboard!) Apologies to those who commented on my earlier blogs, I just wasn't able to look at your comments.

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