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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Bans - Day Six

Well I haven't actually found any proposed bans in today's papers, but I have discovered a few interesting new laws passed by this government which are effectively banns on personal freedom.
For example, there is an offence of disturbing a pack of eggs when directed not to by an authorised officer. I'd better be careful next time I go into Tesco for half a dozen eggs; how often have I found two packs each with a broken egg and done a bit of judicious swapping to get six unbroken eggs. I wonder who this "authorised officer" is who might tell me not to do this.
There is a new offence of swimming within the Titanic. As this is somewhere in the cold North Atlantic, one could hardly imagine that it is a popular past time! I wonder if they've installed CCTV cameras to catch people who do this without authorisation from the appropriate Cabinet Minister! And if an American citizen decides to have a swim there, will they try to extradite him?
Chris Huhne, the Liberal Democrats' home affairs spokesman, attacked the Government for an "acute and prolonged bout of legislative diarrhoea". For once I must, reluctantly, agree with the Lib Dems. Labour apparently has created around 4,300 crimes since the came to power
When UKIP talks about "Independence" not only meaning independence from Europe but also in our personal lives, is is easy to understand what they mean.

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