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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Bans - Day two

Its not quite as easy to find a ban every day as I thought, but there are two possibilities today on the drinking front as reported in the Daily Telegraph
A new mandatory code will ban promotions that encourage people to drink quickly or irresponsibly. Shops will be banned from [selling] alcohol at below cost – so called "loss leader" promotions. HERE

The Daily Mail reports that there is a
"Ban on drug that relieves arthritis pain... but not if you live in Scotland." HERE
Apparently NHS Scotland will be providing the drug, RoActemra, which is already widely used elsewhere in Europe, to patients north of the border. However NICE has decided that it will not be available to patients in England and Wales.
Whether 'non-provision' can strictly be called a 'ban' is perhaps arguable, but as doctors here are presumably not allowed to prescribe it, I think this can be included in my list.

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