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Wednesday, 6 January 2010


It is still snowing and has been since yesterday evening. It's a nice calm day, the garden looks nice, the birds have been fed, I have no need to go out and all's well as far as I am concerned.
But it is the first of my observations that is the most important, the snow is falling straight down and there is no sign of drifting here on the edge of the Chilterns.
So what? Well it would appear that most people are staying indoors with the heating turned up, lights on and possibly, like me, sitting at a computer. Our electricity consumption will be at an all time high under these circumstances; indeed I imagine the generating companies are struggling to cope. And at the same time as we most need it, the main source of supply advocated by this government has failed. There is absolutely no wind and no wind-generated power. This appears to be generally the case in the UK, whenever we get these cold spells of winter the air is usually quite still and it's not too uncomfortable going out.
I trust all those who signed up for "Green Electricity" have turned off all their appliances, or are they taking part of my dirty electricity?

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  1. There's a lot of hot air around Downing Street right now!