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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

What was this meeting all about?

Yesterday, when I switched on the television asI had my late breakfast, the BBC news was full of itself as we held on for some eagerly awaited very important statements from our Prime Minister and the EU president following some very important breakfast economics summit.
In due course Brown and Von Rumpole appeared before the cameras and, in turn, each made statements full of all the usual platitudes. I don’t know how long they took over their breakfasts having the very important discussions, but the statements took me all the way through my cornflakes, toast and coffee! Much of their statements covered Haiti, and it appeared that the EU will be setting up a committee some time soon to look into what help the EU might give.
As I was still half asleep, I thought that I’d read all about this very important summit in today’s papers, but to my surprise there doesn’t seem to be a mention anywhere.
Hence my question – What was it all about? Did it happen or was I still dreaming? Was it really worth all the trouble of von Rumpole coming to London for a few minutes chat? What’s wrong with the telephone or even establishing a video link? My daughter regularly has video conferences with both France and California; if a small company can manage it, surely it should be within the capability of the EU. Or perhaps von Rumpole just fancied a proper English, or perhaps Scottish, breakfast instead of those awful croissants.

Incidentally, I wonder of von Rumpole of the EU is in any way related to my old friend Rumpole of the Bailey?

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