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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I'm back - with some photos

I stopped blogging earlier in the year when I was very much "under the weather". Although all is now well, I was reluctant to start again as, not being an early riser, I found that by the time that I'd read the morning papers and other news, too many other bloggers had already beaten me to it with regards to current events.

But yesterday,  whilst out for my (doctor's orders) stroll, I came upon this sign which I managed to photograph with my newly acquired iPod Touch.

You will obviously ask "What is special about this sign?",  as there are, after all, many similar signs around just like it.

Just these two signs standing each side of the above

In the thirty or so years that I've lived in the area, the size of both schools has roughly doubled with extra classrooms being added. Now some of the land is to be used for building, apparently to fund additions to the schools.
So there is now less than half the amount of land available, per pupil, that the school founders considered necessary all those years ago.
So much for the Government's statement that they are to stop selling off school land and encouraging more sport as part of our Olympic legacy.

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