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Friday, 12 October 2012

Political Speeches

I am not impressed by modern political speeches.

The media tell us that Cameron made a fine speech, that Obama is a great orator and so forth. But surely anyone, who doesn’t mind standing up in front of a crowd and speaking, could make a fine speech if they had some of the best speech writers in their countries at their disposal, along with expert coaches and studios where they can practice and view the results on a TV screen.

Anyway, who listens to these speeches other than the party faithful and the media? Snippets are shown on the TV news bulletins, but does any ordinary person actually listen to them? Surely no one is persuaded to vote for a party on the basis of set speeches at a party conference.

What we need to test our politicians are genuine debates or question and answer sessions, something that we are unlikely to get in this country.

 Meanwhile, our politicians should remember that “Actions speak louder than words”, and so far I’ve seen very little action from Cameron and Co. Plenty of fine words, yes, but no real action.

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