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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My way of thinking

It's strange, but given time, those in the news frequently come round to my way of thinking!

There were two examples today
Firstly, I've been arguing for about a year that the best way to solve the Euro crisis would be for Germany along with perhaps Holland and Austria, to withdraw from the Euro, when it would become manageable by the southern European Countries in their traditional way by letting it slowly depreciate over the years.

Lo and behold! Today Ambrose Evans-Pritchard writes in the Telegraph that George Soros has made exactly the same case at at the National Association for Business Economics in New York.

Then secondly, I've argued for many years that the United Kingdom should should have a federal system of four states with Westminster only being responsible for such things as foreign affairs, defence, immigration and our currency, .

Again, I find in the Telegraph today that a LibDem commission chaired by Sir Menzies Campbell, the former party leader, has come up with a radical proposal to scrap the Act of Union between England and Scotland and replace it with a “Declaration of Federal Union”

Two of my ideas in one day! For once in my life I find that I am agreeing with the LibDems, this has me seriously worried!

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