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Monday, 15 October 2012

We're ready to walk out on Europe

The above headline in The Mail on Sunday cheered me up for a few minutes yesterday as the paper claimed that this was the view of Michael Gove, one of the few people in the present government that I have any time for.
But an hour or so later when I came to look for the report to link to this blog, it had mysteriously disappeared from the the "front page" of their web site. Nor did I find any reference to such a viewpoint in any other newspaper.
If you read the article, it could be considered to be a major break-through by those of us who who want to get out of the EU. Amongst the claims made were:
"The chances of Britain leaving the EU rose dramatically last night after it emerged that one of David Cameron’s closest Cabinet allies believes it is time to tell Brussels bluntly: ‘We are ready to quit.’ " and
"Mr Gove, one of the Prime Minister’s closest confidants, has discussed his views in detail with Mr Cameron."
If true, this is very important news, but its sudden relegation to a hard to find web page and the fact that it was not mentioned elsewhere seems to imply to me that it could be a figment of some journalist's imagination.

So, once again, it looks like all talk but no action.

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