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Saturday, 27 October 2012

The "Liverpool Care Pathway"

I know that it's late in the day, but I've just got round to reading the daily newspapers!

As I'm getting on in years, I have some interest in the so-called "Liverpool Care Pathway", which seems to be a method that doctors have agreed to use for patients whom they decide are not going to live, and is said to give them a peaceful death.
As it involves the withdrawal of food and fluids as well as medical treatment, it does not seem to me to be particularly caring, and amounts to starvation and dehydration. Far from being a "Care Pathway" it seems to me more like "A Road to Death".
Now doctors admit that they can never be certain that a patient is dying, and this example from today's Mail shows that they can most certainly be wrong.

But what appalled me most was the statement in the article that
"The hospital concerned has been paid more than £600,000 in the last two years to hit targets for the number of patients who die on the Pathway, according to documents uncovered by the Mail".

So we now have a situation whereby a hospital is required to hit targets for the number of people who "die on the Pathway" that is meet a target for the number of patients who are deliberately killed by the hospital staff.

Surely this is incitement to murder and should be investigated by the police. 

We ought to know who authorised the payment of taxpayers' money to a hospital to kill people. Was it within the NHS or did the incentive come from elsewhere such as the Local Authority who didn't want to fund places in care homes, was it from the DHSS in an attempt to reduce the state pensions bill, or did it even come from the Treasury as part of cost cutting measures.

It's certainly time for some answers.


  1. to english pensioner, like me at 71yrs and just lost my wife on this diobolical so called care pathway whoever invented this murderous starvation act, and to make sure they die syringe drive them to death and make loads of money blood money, should be hanged and i would put the noose on, my father fought in the first world war to stop this sort of thing going on, all i can say is father forgive them for they know not what they do.

  2. they wont give straightforward answers they are just dragging it on they make too much money killing patients, they are at the moment haveing a so called indipendant enquiry the charperson defends it and is a lover of the l c p, also she is a member of the kings fund a subsidary of the death pathway, they say the will give you the virdict in summertime whats wrong with now and save some lives but the outcome will be fixed for it to continue you watch it stinks.