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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Policeman uses Taser on Blind Man

This report in the Daily Mail, just one of numerous reports in the media, says it all.
I am normally a strong supporter of our police, whom I believe generally do a good job under difficult circumstances, but . . . . . .

This latest incident shows quite clearly why demands for the police to be routinely armed should be strongly resisted.

What sort of police officer is so stupid that he can't tell the difference between a blind man in his sixties feeling his way with a white stick and a man armed with a sword roaming around the town centre. The trigger happy policeman didn't even bother to confront him, his victim was shot in the back by a coward. Don't the police have to shout something like "Armed police, lay down your weapon" before shooting, or is that just something that happens on TV?

I hope the victim, Colin Farmer, makes a full recovery. It seems likely that he will be awarded damages as a result of the incident; What a pity that these will come out of the pocket of the long-suffering council-tax payer rather than from the pocket of this idiot policeman.

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